Sunday, September 4, 2011

Poor Angelo--separatists complain that PMs communications guy doesn't speak French

A separatist firebrand in Quebec has filed an official complaint against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's new choice for communications director. Gilles Rheaume wants the Canadian Human Rights Commission to investigate the appointment of Angelo Persichilli. The ex-president of the St. Jean Baptiste Society says the fact that Mr. Persichilli can't speak French is unfair to French-speaking Canadians and journalists. Mr. Rheaume also says that Mr. Persichilli, a former journalist, has engaged in “Quebec bashing” in some of his work. Mr. Rheaume isn't the first Quebecer to complain about the appointment. Several politicians and pundits have criticized the choice, saying it's a sign the province isn't a priority for Mr. Harper. (Photo is from Angelo's former life.)

Mostly Media comment: Hey, separatists! Get a life. Angelo speaks Italian and he will pick up French in no time.

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