Thursday, April 19, 2012

All the pictures that are fit to print

If there had been modern photography in 1851 one wonders whether the New York Times would now be known for it's motto "All the pictures that are fit to print."  Those were innocent days of course. Much of what is called news today would never have been published in print or pictures under any circumstances. But even with the desensitized news ethic of 2012  most journalists hang onto the notion that some pictures  are  unnecessarily offensive, and therefore unnecessary. Which brings us to the pictures of U.S.soldiers posing with body parts of suicide bombers. It's stupid and primitive behaviour. Not quite so stupid and primitive as slapping a bomb on yourself  in a religious tantrum. But stupid and primitive. What's left to say?  How did those guys possibly manage to pick up and show splattered body parts?  Boy. I'd like to see that? 

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