Friday, April 20, 2012

Morning news show on Hamilton’s CHCH interrupted by porn movie

CHCH television’s signal went dark this morning shortly after the regular news broadcast was overtaken by a porn movie.
Viewers of the News Now broadcast were confronted with hard-core sex scenes at 9:30 a.m. for about three minutes before the channel stopped broadcasting.
CHCH apologized for what it said was a problem that originated outside of CHCH and outside its owners, Channel Zero.
Reaction to the event was immediate on Twitter.
“Someone hacked CHCH news to play gay porn . . . And every TV in the gym and starbucks was set to it...”
“Watching #chch news when channel cut out and turned into male gay porn.”
CH news director Mike Katryzc told The Spectator “inappropriate content was broadcast and we are investigating.”
“It appears the problem originated at a cable company outside of CH and outside Channel Zero.”
“It involved missed signals but did not originate here or at Channel Zero.”
Katryzc said CH apologized to viewers when it returned to air after about three minutes.

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