Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Richard Stursberg's exit interview from the CBC now available as a book!

The Star's Martin Knelman reviews the unpopular manager's tome in his column:
"To cut to the chase, the liveliest parts of The Tower of Babble, Richard Stursberg’s anxiously awaited new book about his six turbulent years as head of CBC’s English services, are the passages where he goes after his perceived enemies with a hatchet,." Knelman writes.
"Topping the list are several of the biggest names in the world of Canadian broadcasting — Peter Herrndorf, former vice-president and influential CBC board member; Ivan Fecan, who jumped from the public broadcaster to its private rival, CTV; Hubert Lacroix, the exasperated CBC president who inherited Stursberg, and Tony Burman, former head of news."
(Eds note: Will anyone care enough about this to buy the book? Only time will tell.)

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