Thursday, May 1, 2014

Globe paid drug dealer $10,000 for 3 pictures

The Globe and Mail is said to have paid $10,000 for three still pictures of Mayor Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine in the basement of his sister's home early Saturday morning. Greg McArthur, a Globe reporter, told CP24 that the video was sourced through connections of the newly-hired Robyn Doolittle. Ms. Doolittle was previously a reporter at the Toronto Star where she worked with on the first Ford crack video revelation. It appears that, as at the Star, Ms. Doolittle is working in a team, as efficiency and security might suggest is sensible. McArthur spoke of how his partner obtained a phone call from a drug dealer to say there were videos for sale. She and McArthur arranged a meeting. Ms. Doolittle, said McArthur, had to sit in his child's car seat as they drove to the meeting. At the meeting there was much discussion, a viewing of sorts and a transactional back and forth about a sale price of "six figures" for the tapes. In the end, it was agreed that the newspaper would pay $10,000 for three still shots and in a subsequent meeting this amount was exchanged. Presumably it was in cash but McArthur did not say that nor was he asked. He seemed to suggest that there are many leads in this field being pursued by he and Ms. Doolittle.

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