Friday, June 3, 2011

Is the war on drugs really a war on journalists?

The findings of a report sponsored by PEN Canada (an activist writers association) and the International Human Rights Program at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, seems to turn on its head the conventional view that the so-called war on drugs is a battle between the Mexican Government and drug criminals. There is, of course, no surprise in the endemic nature of corruption to Mexican society. But the news release linked off the headline says the issue is really a lethal government attack on journalists -- a war in fact -- that's all about suppressing journalists so that government corruption may flourish in secret. It says, "This war (on journalists), commonly described as a struggle against drug lords, has a great deal more to do with decades of government corruption; police, military and political links to organized crime; and institutionalized limitations on freedom of expression." Or, as we take it from the preceding, much or all of what we understand as a war on drug organizers is really a war on reporters.

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