Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jan Wong self-publishes "Out of the Blue," a memoir of workplace depression

 The CBC web page says:
Jan Wong, the reporter who once inspired terror in celebrities with her popular Lunch With columns, has now turned that penetrating eye on herself to tell a harrowing, but sometimes funny, story about her spiral into clinical depression. It led to the loss of her job at the Globe and Mail, where she had spent 20 years as a reporter, but ultimately to renewed health and re-invention.
The book is self-published and chronicles Wong's depression, which started after a controversial article she wrote in 2006 about the Dawson College shootings. She became the target for hate mail and a death threat. The Globe and Mail published an editorial expressing regret for the controversial portion of Wong's article.
The stress was the catalyst, she says, for her clinical depression. She got into a struggle with her newspaper and its insurer over the processing of sick leave benefits. In the end, the newspaper fired her.
Link to the CBC story that includes a Q and A
Jan Wong's book will be launched at the North York Central Library on Monday May 7, at 7 pm. Copies of the book will be for sale at the event.

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