Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Phone-hacking panel slams Rupert Murdoch as unfit

Rupert Murdoch should take responsibility for the phone-hacking scandal that shook News Corp. and is unfit to lead the company, says a report from a British parliamentary panel.
The British Parliament's Culture, Media and Sport committee accused Murdoch's company of covering up evidence and misleading Parliament about the scale of phone hacking at one of its tabloids, and said it doubted Murdoch's protestations that he was unaware that hacking was widespread at the now closed News of the World.
If that were the case, "he turned a blind eye and exhibited wilful blindness to what was going on in his companies," the report by the panel of 11 lawmakers said.
"We conclude, therefore, that Rupert Murdoch is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company."
 The report went on to roast the company's directors — including the 81-year-old media tycoon and his son James — for their lack of leadership.

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