Friday, May 4, 2012

Exclaim's owner is underground we exclaim !#&@

Appearing on restaurant and gelato bar counters in Toronto is Exclaim, seen online varioulys as or in the "What the..." version above. Actually, this is the nameplate of the current issue. It contains a mix of music and entertainment news. Sort of like NOW without the Bolshy politics or the sex acrobats on the back pages. Question is, who owns Exclaim? Many may know this but it is not on the magazine's public radar, even in the microscopic type. The revelation there is that 1059434 Ontario Inc is the big boss. In other small type is an acknowledgement of the Ontario Media Development Corporation (or OMDC, as Exclaims puts it, just to be extra obscure). So some of your money is in there. Not necessarily bad, but really, what is all the shyness about?

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