Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CBC pays unknown sum to air 2014, 2018 games

The game was too rich for Bell Media, apparently, but CBC was good for the dough (yours) as it purchased rights to the 2014 Winter Games and the 2018 Summer Games. Terms are undisclosed. Earlier, a consortium of Bell and CBC tried to buy the games jointly. The idea was to get them for a reasonable price by avoiding a bidding war. The IOC apparently didn't like that and the partnership withdrew from negotiations. So the winner now is clearly seen to be -- not the CBC -- but the IOC. We're betting when the details come out, we will see a cash amount that will make CTV's 2010 Winter Games folly look cheap. We say this despite the alternate surmising in the linked story here of Ian Lee of Carleton University. He says the IOC paid a price for overplaying its hand. We would bet he's wrong but unlike the CBC, we would be playing with our own money. Toronto Star

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