Friday, August 24, 2012

Former journalist, Senator Joyce Fairbairn, suffering from Alzheimer's

The National Post comments on Senator Joyce Fairbairn's illness and the political implications:
 "Senator Joyce Fairbairn will take a sick leave before Parliament resumes sitting in the fall. The Liberal senator, who represents Alberta, has been showing signs of disorientation and memory issues for some time, the (Ottawa) Citizen notes. It has now been reported that Senator Fairbairn is suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, and is not expected to ever resume her duties in the Senate. Senator Fairbairn has slightly more than two years left to serve before reaching mandatory retirement age in 2014. She will continue to draw salary and benefits until that time." 
Ms Fairbairn was a journalist on Parliament Hill before being appointed to the Senate by Pierre Trudeau.

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