Monday, August 13, 2012

"F-bomb, sexting , flexitarian, life coach"

Merriam-Webster has picked about 100 additions for its 2013 dictionary. Among those that made the cut: Earworm, mash-up, sexting and f-bomb. How about flexitarian, obesogenic, energy drink and life coach? They're in too. The company ranged over every human activity to update the 114-year-old dictionary. It gathered evidence of usage over several years in everything from media to the labels of beer bottles and boxes of frozen food. So who's responsible for lobbing F-bomb far and wide? Kory Stamper, an associate editor for Merriam-Webster, said she and her fellow word spies at the Massachusetts company traced it back to 1988, in a Newsday story that had the now-dead Mets catcher Gary Carter talking about how he had given them up, along with other profanities.  Huffington Post.

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