Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Star story on Globe and Mail's paid online service; reader response hostile to paying

Citing the need to increase revenue, the Globe will start charging $20 a month for full access to the website, beginning Oct. 22. Online access will be free for weekly print subscribers. Weekend subscribers will be able to get the service for an additional $5 a month.
Globe publisher Philip Crawley said the growth in popularity of mobile devices has created a sustainable market for online content. People now like to read their paper at home in the morning and have access to it all day long on their smartphones or tablets.
The Globe has tried charging for online content online in the past. Several years ago it launched the Globe Insider, putting premium content, including columns by high-profile writers, behind a paywall. The effort was dropped because it suppressed traffic to the website, said Crawley.
This time is different. Mobile devices have created a different consumer culture, Crawley said.
The storysays that The Star is also considering a oaywall.
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The move does not site well with readers. Here are excerpts from some of the posts on The Star website:
--Memo to Toronto Star- charge & I'm gone. No ifs, ands, or buts. Household does have 7day paper subscription so I probably wouldn't even know if you did... I am the only one who visits the website.

--If we had to pay the Star for anti ford news i would not pay and just read the alternative leftist rags available free every week

 --most people throw out half of the Saturday Star as soon as they get it --- so would you pay online for half that you do not read? -

-- Let me get this straight... 50% of my monthly internet bill to access one website?

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