Friday, March 30, 2012

All your penny headlines and more

It's a journalism thing, for sure. "One-cent coin won’t come back like a bad penny" says the Edmonton Journal In Toronto the Metro Handout shouted "Penny Antics" (huh?) We could follow the sense of the CBC's "Does getting rid of the penny make 'cents'?"  The Winnipeg Free Press offered "Their two cents: Canadians share ample opinions on scrapping the penny"  Still out west "Budget pinches penny‎" says the Star Phoenix. The two cents strain runs strong along the east shore as well. "Your two cents' worth is now worth nothing‎" opined the  Whig Standard. Very good gang.  Can we get in on the fun? How about "What's it to you copper?" Or, "It costs us money, penny wise. And, yes, it's laboured but "Penny just an unneeded ex-pence.

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