Saturday, March 24, 2012

Social media, youth take centre stage at NDP convention

Social media and youthful antics took center stage at the NDP leader's convention on the weekend as delegates flooded hashtags, danced in a flashmob, wore colourful wigs and marched to the beat of drums.
The NDP prides itself on its ability to attract young voters to its campaigns and the convention adequately reflected their young demographic and the way youth communicate political messages.
The hashtag the party pushed #ndpldr was flooded with messages from supporters of all camps, rendering it nearly impossible to follow for thoughtful discussion. Still, the high amount of traffic it garnered made it one of the top trending topics on Twitter in Canada for most of the weekend. The party also pushed delegates to use the #Layton hashtag during the evening tribute to late NDP leader Jack Layton.
Thomas Mulcair won the leadership race.

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