Saturday, March 24, 2012

The newspaper industry must change, or become yesterday's news: Columnist

Mike Elgan of Computer World writes:
"Something catastrophic happened to the newspaper industry this month, a catastrophe that the industry itself does not appreciate: Apple shipped an iPad.
"More to the point, Apple shipped the first tablet that represents the future of all tablets, which has a screen of higher quality than the glossiest print magazine.
"High-definition tablets will do for print newspapers what high-megapixel cameras did for film. 
"People who read news find news stories through a wide range of avenues. They go directly to the websites of specific newspapers, visit Google News, or click on links to news stories in blogs or social media postings, among other things.
"There are advantages to electronic news. It can be more timely, more relevant and less expensive than news that's published in print, to name a few. . . ."
He also lists the disadvantages.
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