Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mike Duffy sought cabinet post and perks after Senate appointment

Mike Duffy sought a cabinet post — and the perks that went with it — soon after he was named to the Senate to compensate him for his “expanded” role in the Conservative party, new records show
Duffy, a once valued Conservative fundraiser now at the centre of the Senate spending scandal, also raised the idea of the party hiring his private company, according to emails obtained by CBC News.
Just months after being named to the red chamber by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2009, Duffy, a former CTV journalist, was apparently agitating for even more.
“I suggested they make me a (minister) without portfolio, so I get a staff, car and more resources to deal with pr fallout,” he writes in a July, 2009 email to an unidentified Conservative.
His email continues, “what do I demand.
“That the Cons hire my private company and I use the cash to hire additional staff to assist with these gigs?” writes Duffy, who gave speeches through his company Mike Duffy Media.
(No, it's not a joke-ed)

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