Monday, May 13, 2013

Peter Worthington, founding editor of Toronto Sun, dies at 86

From the Globe and Mail:
"Peter Worthington, founding editor of the Toronto Sun and one of Canada’s most decorated journalists, has died at the age of 86.
"Mr. Worthington – who served as a platoon commander in the Korean War and was from a Dallas police station as Jack Ruby killed John F. Kennedy’s killer Lee Harvey Oswald – helped start the Sun from the ashes of the Toronto Telegram and served 12 years as its editor-in-chief. He continued to write columns for the paper until being admitted to the hospital last week with a staph infection.
"Mr. Worthington won four National Newspaper Awards during his career, a rare accomplishment that puts him among the most frequent winners since the awards were founded in 1949.  He won for feature writing in 1962 staff corresponding in 1969, editorials in 1972 and enterprise reporting in 1978."
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