Monday, May 13, 2013

Wilf Fielding, who changed how TV covered special events, has died at age 86

Wilf Fielding, legendary producer of live events, has died at age 87. From his Globe and Mail obituary:
"His knack was to have cameras live at just the right time to capture the moment in history. That’s why he defied his bosses during the Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968 and continued live coverage beyond the allotted time slot. He sensed that the unlikely group of Canadian equestrians could go the distance. He kept his cameras live, kept the satellite feed, and stayed on the air as Canada’s equestrian team grabbed gold for the first time.
"A year earlier, in July, 1967, he raced from Ottawa with a camera crew to be at Montreal’s Dorval Airport for a live report as French president Charles de Gaulle made a hurried exit from Canada after being publicly rebuked by prime minister Lester B. Pearson on the heels of de Gaulle’s infamous “Vive le Qu├ębec libre” speech."
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