Saturday, May 11, 2013

Toronto’s burgeoning ethnic press caters to a new wave of immigrants looking for news from ‘back home’

NatPost takeout on the ethnic press.
The story


Thomas Saras started the ethnic press council in 1985 with six papers. The council has grown to 650 titles, including 185 ethnic newspapers in greater Toronto. (Possibly my favourite is Road, a truckers’ paper, “The first and only publication in North America that covers transportation in English and Russian.”)
“Mississauga has 25 papers printed in Pakistani, Afghani, Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi,” says Mr. Saras, sitting in his cluttered office at City Hall, festooned with photos showing him with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other political figures, such as Mike Harris, David Peterson and Mel Lastman. While some cultural groups in Canada have largely switched to English-language publications, newer waves of immigrants want news from back home.

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