Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Town Crier newspapers cease publishing

The Town Crier newspaper, known recently as My Town Crier, is ceasing publication indefinitely because of money issues. My Town Crier is part of a chain of local newspapers, including Toronto Today, published by Multimedia Nova serving several Toronto neighbourhoods. Publication ends right away and all its employees have been laid off.  Gordon Cameron, Managing Editor published this statement today.  
It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of Toronto Today. For the last 34 years Toronto Today and the Town Criers have proudly served our communities providing you with the local news, information and features that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, including the non-payment of a multi-million dollar grant from the Government of Italy to support our now defunct Italian language daily Corriere Canadese, our parent company Multimedia Nova has been placed into receivership and publication of the Town Criers, Toronto Today and Vaughan Today have been suspended indefinitely. This is a difficult time, both for those of us who have worked over the years to make Toronto Today and the Town Crier the award-winning must-reads they are, and for the readers who have relied on us not only to find out what’s going on in their neighbourhoods, but also to see themselves and their lives reflected back to them in a way that no other news source does. While it is perhaps a little selfish, I would like to think that you will miss us as much as we’ll miss you. Our communities are filled with wonderful people and amazing stories and we sincerely hope that they continue to be told, even if we’re no longer the ones who have the privilege of doing it. Gordon Cameron, Managing Editor,Town Crier Newspapers and Toronto Today

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