Friday, May 17, 2013

Senator Pamela Wallin leaves Conservative caucus

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives were hit with another political body blow Friday as Senator Pamela Wallin left caucus, the second high-profile senator in as many days to leave under a spending cloud.
Wallin’s travel expenses have been under examination by outside auditors since January and she opted to quit the Tory caucus until the probe is complete.
It comes hard on the heels of Thursday’s announcement by Senator Mike Duffy that he, too, was quitting the Conservative caucus after questions about his expense claims and a $90,000 payment from Harper’s chief of staff.
Faced with a growing ethical crisis, an angry Harper will hold an emergency caucus meeting Tuesday before jetting off on a trade mission to South America to read MPs and senators the riot act and make clear his displeasure with the spending scandals, the Star has learned.
Link to Star story
Is the end of appointing journalists to the Senate? Just asking.

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