Saturday, May 14, 2011

Canada's changed media landscape also changes annual bidding war for U.S. programming

The Financial Post takes a look at the new TV players heading to Los Angeles for their annual shopping trek for fare that will attract Cannuck eyeballs. An excerpt:

"Grappling with rival broadcasters for prized rights to hit programming made by the biggest studios in the world during the annual “L.A. screenings,” which are happening next week, has been her modus operandi for years with Canwest Global Communications Corp.

"But this year, it’s a much different picture: Canwest is no more, its Global network comprising the centre of Shaw’s newly minted television unit. Also, ancient opponent CTV Inc. has been transformed into Bell Media following BCE Inc.’s acquisition of the country’s largest television broadcaster on April 1, a move, taken together with Shaw’s, that reshaped the Canadian broadcast and telecommunications industries.

"With the country’s three biggest broadcast entities fully controlled by wealthy telecom giants, each could well be armed with the budgets to pursue new programming with abandon, especially as good content is seeing its value rise — and there is none better than that produced by Fox, CBS, NBC-Universal and Disney."

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