Tuesday, May 3, 2011

North Vancouver journalist vanishes in Syria

The family of a North Vancouver journalist who vanished in Syria on Friday say they still know nothing about her whereabouts or condition after four agonizing days. Dorothy Parvaz,(pictured) a reporter for the Al Jazeera news network, disappeared Friday after disembarking from a Qatar Airways flight in Damascus. The 39-year-old had flown into the country from Doha, where the network is based, to report on events there. According to the passenger manifest, she got off her plane, but her employers say she never made it to her hotel. Parvaz’s family fear she is being held by the Syrian government, which has been clamping down violently on dissidents and members of the media in response to the widespread protests that have rocked the country in recent weeks. Parvaz is an American, Canadian and Iranian citizen.

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