Thursday, May 5, 2011

CRTC gives local programs a hand

The CRTC has ordered Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. to carry more local stations starting on Sept. 1. The changes ensure Canadian subscribers to both Bell and Shaw's satellite services will receive the local affiliate station of each of the national television networks. The CRTC's new policy makes it compulsory for all telecommunications companies to carry all local television stations supported by the Local Programming Improvement Fund.
The $100-million fund was established in 2009 to support small-and mid-sized local stations.
The companies will have to provide the following, according to the CRTC's statement:
--An affiliate of each national television network;
--Five English-and five French-language CBC stations; or as many CBC stations as are distributed from a private broadcasting group in either official language;
--One television station per province from each major Canadian broadcasting ownership group;
--Two stations from each of the other Canadian broadcasting ownership groups.

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