Sunday, May 29, 2011

Readers annoyed at Daily Telegraph about Royal honeymoon pix that the paper won't show

London’s Daily Telegraph said Saturday that it has seen a photo of Kate and Will on their honeymoon, but will not publish it “out of respect for the couple’s privacy.”
Readers didn’t buy it.
“If the DT wants to respect the couple's privacy then they don't need to publish this stuff. We knew they went to the Seychelles and that was quite enough,” read one comment on the paper’s website.
The story, with its seemingly contradictory headline “A peek into royal couple’s honeymoon paradise,” topped the most-emailed list all day.
“I loathe the Telegraph's holier-than-thou attitude, when it's actually no better than the trashy red tops,” another reader wrote. “If it's that insignificant, why did you run this rubbish in the first place? Editor, you are a disgrace.”
Of course, it remains to be seen if honeymoon pictures will eventually surface.

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