Saturday, May 28, 2011

HuffPost employees flee AOL after "brutal" "awful" "worst few weeks"

Since Aol purchased the Huffington Post from Arianna Huffington in February for $315 million most of the subsequent coverage has focused on the widespread layoffs of Aol employees; the hiring of experienced reporters (many of whom are notably from the NYT, but more on that later); and Arianna's verbal tete-a-tetes with NYT managing editor Bill Keller. But very little has been said about the HuffPo employees themselves. Many of whom have been with Arianna for years, and who, on many levels, are responsible for building HuffPo and making it at valuable as it was.
Turns out many of them are not happy.
That's how one HuffPo insider described the weeks following the official merger between HuffPo and Aol.

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